Terms and conditions of Alarm full membership

Membership eligibility
Full membership is available to employees of a public service organisation or as an individual. Acceptance of full membership is at the discretion of Alarm.

Membership benefits
For organisations with up to three full memberships, benefits cannot be transferred to colleagues within the organisation. For organisations with four or more full memberships, benefits can be transferred to colleagues excluding attendance at the Alarm National Conference.

Membership period
The membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December and fees may be adjusted to take into account the time period remaining, at the discretion of Alarm.

Payment of subscriptions
Alarm’s payment terms are 21 days from the date of the invoice. Full membership and website access will be granted upon receipt of the membership fee. Membership fees are non-refundable.

Membership renewal
Membership subscriptions are renewed automatically on 1 January unless notification of cancellation is received in writing with four weeks’ notice of the renewal date. Failure to notify Alarm of the intention to cease membership within the aforementioned time frame will result in pro-rata membership cancellation charges (see below).

Pro-rata membership cancellation charges
It is the responsibility of the Member to cancel Alarm membership in writing four weeks prior to 1 January. If written notice is not received, monthly pro-rata charges will be accrued, with a minimum cancellation fee of £50 +VAT, whichever is greater.

Amendments to Member contact details
Named Members can be replaced without charge once every 12 months as a result of redundancy, maternity leave, leave of absence and organisational restructuring. Replacements are not permitted for the purpose of substitution at the Alarm Conference. Subsequent changes of named Members will result in an administration charge £50 +VAT and is at the discretion of Alarm.

Voting rights
Alarm, the Public Risk Management Association, is a company limited by guarantee. Voting rights are available to full Members only. To apply to become a voting Member of Alarm you must agree to be bound by the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company. In the event of the company’s winding up, the maximum liability a voting Member will bear in respect of payment of the company’s debts will be the sum of £1.

Alarm event cancellation policy
Alarm incurs substantial charges in relation to such events including, amongst others, venue charges, lunch and refreshment charges, administrative and management costs etc. If a Member is unable to attend a complimentary event (aside from the Conference, see Conference cancellation policy below) they should provide the Alarm Office with written notice that they are unable to attend not less than seven clear days before the event. If a Member fails to give such written notice Alarm will invoice the Member the sum of £50 to cover, in part, the wasted expenses incurred by Alarm.

Where there is a charge for attendance, payment must be made in advance and no refund will be issued for non-attendance or cancellation. By requesting a place at an event you agree to the terms and conditions set out above.

Attendance at Conference as a delegate or dinner guest is included within full membership for named Members only. Accommodation is not included. Names cannot be swapped, colleagues wishing to attend Conference must purchase membership. Pre-booking is essential and must be received by Friday 1 June 2018, a confirmation of your booking will be sent in return and must be received to secure a place. Bookings after this date may be accepted at the discretion of Alarm but will incur a £100 +VAT administration fee. Alarm takes no responsibility for sessions that are fully booked, bookings are administered on a first come first served basis and early booking is advised to avoid disappointment.

Conference cancellation policy
Cancellations must be received in writing with ten days’ notice ahead of the event, and a receipt of confirmation must be obtained. Cancellations for dinner, delegate places or non-attendance outside of this time will incur a fee of £150.

By purchasing membership you agree to the above terms and conditions and no correspondence will be entered into.