Alarm risk management standards

A risk management standard - what does risk management look like?

A risk management standard: what does risk management look like?
Risk management is a rapidly developing discipline and there are many and varied views and descriptions
of what risk management involves, how it should be conducted and what it is for. Some form of standard is needed to ensure that there is an agreed

  • Terminology related to the words used
  • Process by which risk management can be carried out
  • Organisation structure for risk management
  • Objective for risk management.

By meeting the various component parts of this standard, albeit in different ways, organisations will be in a position to report that they are in compliance. The Standard represents best practice against which organisations can measure themselves.

The Alarm national performance model for risk management in public services - what does good risk management look like?

Alarm national performance model for risk management in public services: what does good risk management look like?

Alarm's comprehensive national performance model:

  • Measures current performance against a recognised achievement level
  • Provides the basis for clear performance indicators
  • Acts as a catalyst for improved performance within the organisation
  • Informs assurance in corporate governance terms
  • Demonstrates current maturity in terms of
    - External inspection expectations
    - National and international standards
  • Allows for comparison with other organisations and learning from best practice through systematic benchmarking.

Organisations can use the national performance model assessment framework to undertake quick “health checks” of their organisation by using the indicators within the summary of progress to come to a conclusion of their current risk management maturity level.

Core competencies - what does a good risk manager look like?

Core competencies: what does a good risk manager look like?

A competency framework aimed at risk practitioners working in organisations serving communities and citizens. The framework is intended to enhance understanding of the key knowledge, functions and skills required by a professional risk practitioner and improve the application of risk management across organisations in order to avoid duplication of effort and waste of resources.


 Risk management toolkit - UPDATED (Now included in Alarm membership)

Developed in association with Marsh, this is an essential risk management guide and toolkit for organisations that provide services to, or support our communities and citizens.

Risk management at a glance - summary document
Supporting presentation
Supporting templates
How to benefit from the Alarm Risk Management Toolkit - webinar