2018 Alarm Risk Awards

Recognising risk excellence

Monday 25 June 2018
The Principal Manchester

2016 Alarm Risk Awards

The 2018 Alarm Risk Awards will be returning to The Principal Manchester on 25 June 2018, hosted by comedian and presenter Paul Sinha.

Organisational Awards

Open to risk professionals and those that deal with the management of risk within all organisations that provide services to, or supports our communities and citizens.

Community Award

How has the management of risk improved the resilience and cohesion of your community? Have you developed projects that have delivered change or improvement within your community, for the people working for and with your organisation and members of the public?

Operational Award

How has the management of risk contributed to the smooth running and efficiency of the day-to-day operations of your organisation? Have you successfully improved the management of insurable risks? Have you innovatively applied risk management to projects?

Aon: empower results
Partnership Award

Have you initiated a partnership arrangement that has delivered noticeable benefits for all involved? How did you work in collaboration to identify and mitigate the risks, ensuring the sustainability of the partnership?

Maven Public Sector
Resilience Award

Have you implemented a resilience plan (business continuity or emergency) that provided an effective response to an unexpected disruption or emergency in the past year? How was your framework safeguarded your organisation, ensuring it was able to continue delivering its key services and recover quickly following a disruptive incident?

Strategic Award

How has the management of risk enabled your organisation not just to survive, but to thrive? How have you mitigated the risks that impinge on your organisation's strategic intent? Has risk management contributed to the development of innovative approaches and the successful achievement of objectives within your organisation?

Alarm Member Awards

All Alarm Members who deal with the management of risk can enter themselves or be nominated for this Award.

Professional of the Year Award

This Award is presented to an outstanding professional who has the aspiration, inspiration and enthusiasm to promote and support the management fo risk and has developed the role and credibility of risk management within their organisation and industry.

Any team involved in the management of risk within an Alarm Member organisation can enter themselves or be nominated for this Award.
Team of the Year Award

This Award recognises accomplishment in risk mitigation as a result of effective teamwork, demonstrating that the ideas and efforts from individual team members have contributed towards the overall management of risk.

If you have any questions about the Awards, please contact Beth Abbott at the Alarm Office.