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Public RM 2009 - 2011

Winter 2011

Public RM Winter 2011

Storm warning risky climate

In this edition: Membership survey findings, Lord Justice Jackson’s review, mutual vs. insurance market, review your broker, a perfect storm, tough risk dilemmas, rekindling the fire, police working together, standing up against safety cuts and the UK Bribery Act.

Autumn 2011

Public RM autumn 2011

Opportunities in challenging times

In this edition: Core Competencies, turn risk into opportunity, reduce red tape, stand up for risk management, Police Group influence and the full round up of the 2011 Alarm Learning & Development Forum, plus Alarm’s Annual Awards supplement.

Summer 2011

public rm summer 2011

Cool running: Olympic risks taken in hand

In this edition: Special events risk management, preparing for London Olympics 2012, the event horizon, risk managing rural events, new software, make or break in major events, dodging potholes and Supreme Court decision.

Spring 2011


Shared services: assessing the risks

In this edition: Lord Young’s report confirms existing practice, overhaul overcautious approach - Lord Young’s report raises questions, Alarm’s five-year plans, a risky business (shared services), partnership and collaboration, innovative partnership and required savings tests risk management.

Winter 2010

An electronic world: harnessing technology

In this edition: Effective management of risk needed more than ever, E-Government in the police service, MoJ RTA claims hit an electronic era, avoiding a date disaster, bluetooth helps keep, think before you switch off street lights, measure your worth and call to change law on tree root subsidence.

Autumn 2010

Tough times - are you ready?

In this edition: The risk manager, the media and Baby P, school trips and visits, schools risk management, fighting the fight, have you got an appetite for risk, budgetary cuts and risk management, changing landscape, adapting to change. Plus Alarm Conference highlights.

Summer 2010

Hot topics: inside and out

In this edition: Environmental risks and sustainability, embracing climate change, managing pollution liabilities after the Corby ruling, are local authority risk managers prepared for climate change, climate change and the public sector, one year on - environmental damage regulations and act now to reduce carbon.

Spring 2010

Coastal safety: a risky business

In this edition: Triennial Risk Management Survey 2009, swiftwater rescue, risk management in the Police force, collaboration is key, coastal saftey is risky business, risky business in emergency services - dealing with the risks in fire departments and public sector mutual insurance.

Winter 2009

Stronger, better, faster: benchmarking for real performance improvement

In this edition: Comparing apples and oranges: is your benchmarking programme helping or hindering, insurance programmes: are you getting the best value, building a climate proof future, are you over- insured, when is fraud really fraud and E-disclosure: on the electronic paper trail. Plus Alarm Annual Awards: benchmarking leads to successful placemaking and more bobbies on the beat.

Autumn 2009

From global to local: Alarm Conference 2009

In this edition: Highlights from Europe’s biggest public risk management event, Alarm National Performance Model, embedding risk management in business processes, exposure to failed icelandic banks, shouldn’t play be fun, the evolution of risk management and practical risk management in a turbulent world.

Summer 2009

Creating sustainable public services: how sustainability risk is shaping our future

In this edition: Are sustainability targets a drain on finances, auditing your supply chain, cutting tree claims down to size, a new world of risk: introducing the supply chain challenge, 60 Seconds: new legal advice column reviews how recent judgements affect you and annual assurance statements.

Spring 2009

Opportunity risk: the upside of public risk management

In this edition: How risk management can maximise opportunities, Audit Commission launching new Risk it to Make it toolkit, procurement risk, housing association flooding claims, reducing workplace violence, schools and risk management and climate change.

Alarm Matters (2005 - 2008)

Winter 2008         

Working together partnership liability

Summer 2008

IT risks and disaster planning

Spring 2008

Liability: corporate manslaughter

Winter 2007

The true cost of your premiums

Autumn 2007

National Conference 2007

Summer 2007

The race is on to get ready...

Spring 2007

Work related stress

Winter 2006

The mesothelioma timebomb

Autumn 2006

Conference special

Summer 2006

Disaster avoidance

Spring 2006

Alarm Awards / ARF Special

Winter 2005

Stormy weather

Spring 2005

Corporate manslaughter - tipping the scale of justice