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Summer 2018

Enterprise risk
In this edition: A learning experience • "Be proactive, not reactive" • Conference countdown • Business interruption in the commercial world • You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone • Top tips on land development risks • Using modern methods of construction in home building • Is MMC a long-term solution to the housing crisis? • Community flood resilience • Water rescue • Commercialism takes off at Luton • Public sector procurement post-Brexit • A practical guide to inquests • On the Case: Police liability for investigation failures; Historical abuse claims can be defended on limitation • Police liable for injury to bystander • Risk based approach to highway maintenance - what does the future hold? • Top tips on investigating the cause and liability for flooding events • "I am passionate about my area of research: public sector risk management."

Spring 2018

The resilience gap
In this edition: Take advantage of Alarm • FOIL focus • GDPR - the new PPI? • Conference countdown • Benchmarking benefits • Safeguarding in schools • Academy rescue risks • Hazard perception influences blue light driving • The resilience gap • GDPR compliance in social housing • GDPR - from mapping to sharing • Top tips on tree root subsidence damage to property • Is diesel the new asbestos? • On the case: Insufficient risk of injury; 'Expert shopping' guidance; Loose material on the carriageway and section 41; Contempt of court order; Court confirms fundamental dishonesty is fundamental • "Every day I learn something new!"

Winter 2017

Winter 2017 Public RM front cover

Change is the only constant
In this edition: Are police and fire a good fit? • Mutual benefits! • Keeping a good company • Why are we here? • Well-being in Wales • The real costs of care homes • Brexit background for public services • Horizon scanning children's services risks • On the case: Tower block judicial review; Make an offer they can't refuse; Extension of vicarious liability; No causation for highway claim • Top tips on surface water flood risk • The great flood of London • Profiling housing sector risk.

Autumn 2017

Data protection
In this edition: First hand first responses • Celebrating Alarm's 2017 Conference • Tackling a knotty problem • Debating social media, drones, GDPR and fundamental dishonesty • Housing development risks and considerations • The future is now! • Dawn of the new DoLs • Top tips on schools' claims • On the case: Would-be fraudster imprisoned for contempt; No duty of care to re-house sick man; Reluctance to extend vicarious liability; Court of Appeal confirms fixed costs in ex-protocol cases • Managing risks for future generations • The General Data Protection Regulation - a regulator perspective • Housing development risks and considerations.

Summer 2017

Shared services
In this edition: Start-up shared risk resources • Shared services' insurance pitfalls • Shared services blurred lines • Local authorities face up to fraud • Public liability claims - a catastrophe waiting to happen • The business of cycling to work • Terrorism's changing threat • The UK terrorist response • Counter terrorism Scotland • Prudence for the public sector • Unlock insight into customer risk • The growing field of data protection claims • On the case: Delayed highway reporting; Decoration, not structure; Part 36 offers and indemnity costs; Human Rights, or wrongs? • Top tips on risk managing outsourced service arrangements.

Spring 2017

Road risk
In this edition: Balancing road user safety • Autonomous vehicles • Policing social media • Take the highway challenge • Manage highways assets • Top tips on The Modern Slavery Act 2015 • Organisation's need risk coaches, not risk managers! • Housing: the urge to merge • A personal guide to public speaking • Stress claims trends • On the case: A housing inspector calls; Crane strain; Simple sampling leads to partial success; Danger is made concrete • Litigants in person • On track with transport police risks. 

Winter 2016

Legal update
In this edition: Does ERRA give employers a fighting chance? • Vicarious liability in volunteering • 25 years of public sector risk management and insurance • Top six policing risks • Strategic risk: the changing role of local authority risk manager • Emergency response to occupational road risk • Refuse collection safety rules • Housing risk raises its profile • Disclosing Insurance Act impacts • Risk reporting roundup  • On the case: down to earth contributory negligence; school faces no liability; causation defence requires firm footing; and vicarious liability sails on • Top tips on tackling fraudulent claims.

Autumn 2016

Autumn 2016 Public RM

Modern policing
In this edition: Managing mental health at Hampshire Constabulary • 25 years of public sector risk management and insurance • Universities learn business continuity lessons • Conference keynote: butterflies and black swans • Health and social care integration before disintegration • Housing hot topics panel debate • Top tips on managing lone working risks • Modern policing risks and opportunities • Ask the expert - cyber security • Costly health and safety slip-ups • On the case: a hole lot of trouble, No personal injury for platinum sensitivity, Door closed on Workplace Regulations claim and Court discretion for widow • Top tips on contributory negligence.

Plus Alarm's Risk Awards supplement.

Summer 2016

Emergency services
In this edition: Burning ambition for fire & rescue services • Blue light collaboration gets green light • Goddard - reflecting on the past • Goddard - managing the present • 25 years of public sector risk management and insurance • Fraud - catch 22 • Housing flood prevention and response planning • Brexit: the legal challenges • On the case (Beat Part 36 and recover costs, Use of overshoes understated, Bias on planning permission, Binding admission) • Top tips on housing footpath and road responsibilities.

Spring 2016

Fit your risk appetite to your insurance programme
In this edition: Syrian refugees - the community risk • Housing regulatory impact revealed • Emergency planning: perfect storms • On track with highway asset management • Writing police wrongs • Fit your risk appetite to your insurance programme • Fire and rescue services training claims' tips • 2016 personal injury claims changes • On the case (Foster care abuse liability, DOLs guidance for local authority, Proving parental consent under s20).

Winter 2015

Winter 2015 Public RM

Social housing testing to destruction
In this edition: How the Met manages assurance • Value added assurance • Building risk and resilience in charities • Top tips for litigation communications • Social housing stress testing • Managing large raised reservoir risks • Driver profiling for driver safety • Pioneering public services: the risks • Owner-controlled insurance programmes • Murky waters run deep (bridge claims) • On the case.

Autumn 2015

Autumn 2015 Public RM

Portal views
In this edition: "Risk is exciting!" says Sir Chris Holmes • Soft skills - choose your attitude • Fragmentation integration and innovation - risks of changing public service universe • MOJ Portal views • Portal integration experiences • New procurement requirements • Balancing the argument for a same rate premium • The impact on universities from new consumer regulations and guidance for students • Fundamental dishonesty • On the case • Top tips on planning winter events and activities and the risk management issue • Social housing assets and liabilities registers.

Plus Alarm's Risk Awards supplement.

Summer 2015

Public RM Summer 2015

Unlocking cyber risk
In this edition: Changing volunteering in charities • The Insurance Act • Child sexual exploitation long tail claims • Collaborative insurance services agreement • Contracting out children's services - the legal and risk management considerations • Cyber risk landscape for local authorities, universities and charities • Managing social media risks • Coventry v Lawrence • On the case • Highways partnership.

Spring 2015

Spring Public RM

Playing with DOLS: investigating the implications
In this edition: Guarding against stress-related claims • Multi-agency working in preventing rail suicides • Issues and advice on academy risk protection arrangement (RPA) • Business planning through opportunity risk management • Claims management and developing trends • Fire service lessons learnt from Somerset floods • Valuing the loss adjustor • Pothole management • Playing with DOLS: Investigating the implications • On the case • Top tips and practical guidance for defending social housing claims and an overview of the legal framework.

Winter 2014

Winter 2014 Public RM

How attitude and behaviour affect our reactions to risk
In this edition: The gorilla in the room - incorporating behavioural insights into risk management processes • From empty homes to perfect pads • Change for good in local government? • The Rotherham Effect • Doncaster powers on in major incident • Local authority adult services care costs and the risks • Coventry and ORS v Laurence (2014) UKSC 46 • How to find your risk tolerance  • Soft skills - colourful behaviour.

Autumn 2014

Autumn Public RM 2014

Managing risks in austerity: Alarm Forum & Awards edition
In this edition: Soft skills - Talk therapy • Pondering the pendulum of local authority litigation • How to meet the large claims challenge • The Portal - one- year wiser • Shared service arrangements and the issues • Information governance risk opportunities and outcomes • Agility training for universities - risk management experiences • In-house claims handling • How to steer motor fleet claims • On the case.

Plus Alarm's Annual Awards supplement.

Summer 2014

Summer Public RM 2014

Extreme weather
In this edition: Somerset floods, the great leveller • Local authority damage limitation • Soft skills - questions about your relationship with work • Soft skills - constructive conversations • In-house claims handling • Avoid the pitfalls of pothole risk transfer • Alarm Business Plan 2014 • Managing Occupational Road Risk (MORR) • Implications for the Police from DSD and NBV v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis • A Mitchell survival guide • Fraud - post Jackson • Creative thinking on mesothelioma claims • Rewarding awards.

Spring 2014

Focus on insurance
In this edition: Overseeing procurement of the private sector • Lightning response to school fire • Unlocking Portal secrets • MMI Scheme of Arrangement  • Childrens’ charity’s risk management • Schools’ services in partnership • Social media uses and abuses • Legal top tips on managing event and activities risk • Woodland v Essex County Council in foster care cases • Defining a non-delegable duty of care • On the case • Resilience in a changing world.

Winter 2013

Focus on children
In this edition: Grooming gangs - failure to intervene  • Counter fraud scheme reaps rewards • A new era of disclosure (children's services cases) • Doncaster - will government trust the social care Trust • Defending historic abuse claims • Business continuity planning for academies • Making risk conversations work in charities • Social housing flood response • Impact of the Bedroom Tax from a housing association perspective • Employers' duties in adverse weather • A sting in the tail for public authorities? • Adding value to Scotland’s health services.

Autumn 2013

Opportunities to innovate: Alarm Forum & Awards edition
In this edition: Roundtable - creating an environment for innovation • Understanding and rectifying claims cost leakage • How to contain Highway claims • Guidance on managing data protection • Opportunity risk management • Short-term cuts impact strategic success • Embrace risk but be prepared • Soft skills - changing behaviour and status • Not-so-grim RIPA • On the case.

Plus Alarm’s Annual Awards supplement.

Summer 2013

Connecting services: partnerships & procurement
In this edition: Re-modelling service delivery  • Local authority and third sector partnerships • Procurement rules of engagement • Easier OJEU compliant procurement • Employee partnerships • First national public sector insurance framework • Public health partnerships • Jackson reforms - the new regime • On the case.

Spring 2013

Housing challenges: a look at the social housing sector
In this edition: Roundtable: civil litigation costs, litigation trends and fraudulent claims • Housing association and local authority partnership working • Battling tenancy fraud • Major incident risks in social housing • Covert surveillance in social housing and local authorities • Housing transfer challenges • Sixty seconds: legal update.

Winter 2012

Plan ahead: business continuity and resilience
In this edition: Potential flooding liabilities for local authorities • Business continuity planning • Essex Fire's resilience • Resilience and business continuity management • Importance of business interruption insurance • Business continuity challenges for the public sector • Overcoming fraudulent claims • How to deter litigation • Sixty seconds: legal update.

Autumn 2012

Alarm turns 21: a round up of this year’s Forum
In this edition: Community action: risks of the Big Society and the Localism Act • Risk management in a police force • Risk management in a Fire & Rescue service • Guarding against the risks of sport and recreational activities • Risk and waste management unite successfully • Risk velocity to reality • Sixty seconds: legal update

Plus Alarm’s Annual Awards supplement.

Summer 2012

Make a difference while you work
In this edition: Challenges ahead • Managing the risk of tripping hazards and other highway defects • The art of persuasion: selling risk management to senior managers and the workforce • make a difference while you work • What does risk management do for me? • Implications of The Big Society for local authority risk managers • The marriage of skills: risk management and business continuity • The challenges of changing service delivery models in local authorities • Sixty seconds: legal update.

Spring 2012

Lessons to learn in changing times
In this edition: • Risk assessment is beneficial, but can health & safety interfere with pubic life? • Löfstedt health and safety review • Education changes and the risk impact • Preventing losses by designing sound schools • School injury's • Academy conversion and the implications • Skills and celebration • Sixty seconds: legal update.

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