View from Alarm - March 2018

We all want to know what 'good' risk management looks like and we all want a fast track to get our public service organisation from where it is today to the best it can be. That's what the Alarm CIPFA Risk Management Benchmarking Club is designed for. It compares your public service organisation with a nationally recognised performance standard then it helps to compare your position against other Club Members. You can then follow up any shortcomings in your organisation with others who are further along in the risk management journey.

At a corporate level, assessment of risk management performance provides evidence in support of an organisation's annual governance statement. It also meets the criteria in CIPFA & SOLACE's 2016 framework, Delivering good governance in local government.

It is likely that risk managers will report risk information to their audit committee on a regular basis. Part of the role of audit committees is to provide an oversight of the effectiveness of the organisation's risk management framework and arrangements. Risk management benchmarking enables risk managers to provide evidence to a committee to help fulfil their role as well as sharing comparator information of similar organisations. An ideal time to do this is in the annual risk management report when highlighting successes in the previous year as well as listing improvements to be made in the coming year. Improvements are identified by completing the Benchmarking questionnaire.

As a local level, Club Members can use responses to the question set as a way of developing an annual risk management plan. The question set provides space for these actions and can be printed off. The Alarm CIPFA Risk Management Benchmarking Club is open to Alarm Members and non-members. The cost of membership varies depending upon the type and size of your organisation.

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