Join our Board of Directors - Alarm 2018 elections

Are you passionate about helping Alarm develop and grow as the UK’s premier public service risk management association?

This is a challenging and exciting time in public service risk management, so if you really want to make a positive difference to your profession, please nominate yourself for one of the three, three-year or one, one-year vacancies for the Board of Directors.

What we are looking for in Board Directors
We’re looking for enthusiastic, financially literate team-players, able to work at a strategic level, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills to join our Board of Directors. You will be committed to the ideals of Alarm and have a broad knowledge on the fields of risk or insurance.

You will also have experience of developing business plans and project management as well as the ability to complete tasks within agreed time-frames.

What you will be doing as a Board Director

  • Playing a vital role in the strategic leadership of Alarm, helping the Board fulfil its legal and financial responsibilities in its stewardship of the organisation.
  • Attending five/six meetings of the Board in person per year and the occasional strategic planning away day and of course the Annual Conference. There may also be some telephone conferences that you will be expected to lead/ participate.  
  • Lead or contribute to one of the many themed focused groups including insurance, risk management, education, housing, blue light, aimed at delivering professional events and publications for Members.
  • Promoting and publicising the work of Alarm to a wide variety of audiences.

What is the commitment required?
Board Directors generally have to give their own time, or time with the permission of their employers, to carry out their duties. Nominees should note these requirements and ensure that they have the commitment and capacity to meet this, and also the support of their employing organisation.

Board Directors are all volunteers and as such do not receive any remuneration for their time and commitment, although reasonable travel expenses are paid to enable them to carry out their Board duties.

What are the benefits in being a Board Director?
Membership of the Board will provide you with unique personal development opportunities (for example, working at a strategic level, helping to manage a company) which may not be available to you within your employing organisation. In addition, you will gain from training and development opportunities organised to enhance the effectiveness of the Board.

How to apply
Download the nomination form. Nominations should be endorsed by two Full Alarm Members and be submitted by 17:00, Thursday 3 May.

View the 2018 Board election timetable.

Anyone wishing to discuss the matter further may contact the Company Secretary, Peter Andrews. For more general election enquiries and guidance, or for information on how to become a voting member of Alarm, please contact the Alarm Office.