Alarm Buddy system

The Alarm Buddy system supports new Alarm Members in their first year of membership by linking them with experienced Members of Alarm who benefit from the professional development opportunity.

How the Buddy system works:

  • New Members of Alarm will automatically be enrolled for the Buddy system
  • Buddy's will be linked with new Members by sector and location
  • Buddy's will provide support for the new Member's first year with Alarm
  • Buddy's initiate email contact with the new Member, welcoming them to Alarm
  • Buddy's introduce themselves and provide contact details should the new Member be looking for any guidance on membership matters
  • In advance of relevant Alarm events, the Buddy will ensure the new Member is aware of such events and guide them on the booking process
  • Buddy's will introduce the new Member to peers and sponsors at such events in order to promote a sense of belonging and to help the new Member establish their own network within Alarm
  • Where new Members are attending the National Conference, a Buddy will ensure the new Member is supported to ensure their first experience is positive and welcoming. Should the Buddy not be attending Conference an alternative mentor from the Members area will be identified
  • New Members attending Conference will be signposted to and encouraged to attend the Fresher's session at Conference by their Buddy.

Interested in being a Buddy?

If you are an experienced and committed Alarm Member who regularly attends Alarm events and are interested in this professional development opportunity of becoming a Buddy to new Alarm Members, please contact the Alarm Office.