The UK's leading learning and development event for risk professionals and those who deal with the management of risk within organisations who provide services to, or support our communities and citizens.

Session 2A: Local authority litigation update - no slides provided due to sensitive content

Session 2B: Catastrophic claims - technological advances and their impact upon claims costs

Session 2C: State of the nation

Session 2D: Commercialisation

Session 2E: Risk training and communication

Session 2F: The public sector cyber challenge - the essential information you need to know

Session 2G: GDPR and the Data Protection Bill

Session 3A: Risk optimism bias in capital projects

Session 3B: Risk reporting and risk assurance for audit committees

Session 3C: Beware the illusion: how Orbit bounced back from a G2

Session 3D: Risk visualisation of enterprise wide risks

Session 3E: Off the leash - the benefits of an independent risk function within a large public sector organisation

Session 3F: Devil's advocate - an alternative approach to preparing court cases

Session 3G: Resilience planning within the social housing sector

Session 4A: Local authority 2028 - the science considering the risks of the future and what issues the public sector may face in ten year's time

Session 4B: Assessing the impact of the Policing and Crime Act and embedding collaboration in every area of the emergency services

Session 4C: Fraudulent claims needn't bring the house down

Session 4D: Take the highway - managing motorcycle claims

Session 4E: Acting smart

Session 4F: Interactive motor claims game - no slides

Session 4G: The challenges of writing a sustainable book of insurance in the public sector

Session 5A: Running effective risk workshops

Session 5B: Blue and twos on trial

Session 5C: Mitigating right to buy fraud and abuse

Session 5D: Mitigating business interruption issues within the public sector

Session 5E: Safeguarding - knowledge is power - no slides provided due to sensitive content

Session 5F: Social care group litigation - lessons from the front line

Session 5G: Empowering highway partnerships and recoveries

Session 6A: Reigniting the risk profile

Session 6B: Responding to emergencies - the Court's response

Session 6C: The impact of Grenfell - no slides

Session 6D: When is enough, enough?

Session 6E: How to avoid headlines after a claim - scenario planning and communication are key - no slides provided due to sensitive content

Session 6F: Hot stuff!

Session 8A: Fire performance of building materials

Session 8B: Insurance collaboration and alternative risk financing - no slides

Session 8C: Housing disrepair

Session 8D: Top strategies for ensuring robust and cost-effective defence of claims

Session 8E: Can historical abuse cases be successfully defended after NA v Nottinghamshire County Council?

Session 8F: Assessing multiple impacts of service changes

Session 8G: Construction project insurance - just another box to tick?

Session 9B: The future of drones in the public sector

Session 9C: If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change

Session 9D: Risk quantification and use of statistical analysis tools