History of Alarm

A group of like minded public sector officers came together in the late 1980’s specifically in response to escalating school property damage, the group called themselves the North East Schools Risk Management Group.  At the same time a number of other regional risk management groups including the North West and South West were being formed  These groups came together at a meeting on 6 November 1990 to discuss the establishment of a national grouping, the aim of which was to share information and avoid duplication of activity.

The outcome was the National Advisory Group for Risk Manager in Local Authorities and the first ’Executive Committee’ probably the ’founding fathers’ of the current Alarm, was formed.

The Group’s primary objective was to "facilitate and encourage local authorities to practice effective risk management to minimise the consequences of injury, loss and damage to staff, premises and property", through:

  • Collation and distribution of relevant risk management information;
  • Encouraging and fostering the development of initiatives and best practice;
  • Minimising unnecessary duplication in developing risk management initiatives; and
  • Serving and encouraging inter-agency risk management groups at regional and local level.

The above have stood the test of time and mirror Alarm’s current objectives.

Alarm continues to work alongside Members to set the standard for excellence in public risk management performance.