About Alarm

Constitution & Objectives

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Alarm is the only membership organisation exclusively for professionals managing risk, serving public services and communities. Alarm offers members support, networking, training and recognition for their excellent work.

Alarm Members are from a diverse range of public sector organisations which include: Local Government, The Police Service, Fire and Rescue Services, Water Authorities, Probation Service, Universities, The Environment Agency, Housing Associations, Health Authorities, National Parks and The Construction Service Agency.

Alarm aims to make a positive contribution to loss reduction in the Public Sector. By working in collaboration, Alarm brings together a variety of experiences. We wish to share this pool of knowledge amongst all Public Services to avoid duplication of effort and further waste of precious resources. 

We also aim to provide, over a period of time, some guidance in terms of best practice for both new and more experienced Risk Managers. At the same time we aim to influence the national agencies which are directly involved with the provision of Public Services. We are committed to the partnership approach as this, in our view, is the most effective way to stem the ever-rising impact on our budgets of growing losses and an increasing claims experience.

The strength of the Association is its members and the professionalism, commitment and quality of work undertaken both within and external to their employing organisations.